Seize the Day. Study Away!

Winter, spring and then summer break will be here before you know it. You could spend your break binge-watching Netflix. Or you could take an exciting leap of faith and explore your heritage (and homeland) with scholars and students from around the world.

Studying away might sound far-fetched or even a bit overwhelming, but Chabad makes it simple with our Lamdeni student advisors, Rabbi Zalman Schurder and Mrs. Chaya Schurder. The friendly husband and wife team have made it their mission to find the perfect program to fit your individual travel and study needs. They will answer your questions and address your concerns. They’ll even handle your travel arrangements. All you have to do is pack.

Nothing to Lose, So Much to Gain.

Imagine studying Judaism with enthusiastic students from all over the world. You’re immersed in focused, intensive Jewish learning, covering thousands of years of ancient wisdom. No matter how much or how little you know about Jewish life, you’ll be welcomed with open arms in a warm and inspiring environment. As for your regular academic studies, studying away won’t set you back. If anything, it will make you a stronger student, intellectually and spiritually. A win-win.

Students telling their story

I came back from Yeshiva feeling more strongly rooted in my Jewish identity. I still got a job in the field that I wanted to go into prior to Yeshiva.

Sasha Varasano, Northeastern University

Going to yeshiva seems scary, just like the first day of college. But it is not! The teachers invite you in, and take the time to sit and learn on any topic at any level.

Yoni Aharoni, University At Albany


Jewish Summer Fellowship Location: New York
Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies Location: Jerusalem
Yeshiva Torah Ohr Location: MIami, FL
Tiferes Bachurim Location: Morristown, NJ
Temimei Darech Location: Safed, Israel
Machon Alte Location: Safed, Israel
Machon L’Yahadus Location: Brooklyn,NY
Snorkel and Study Location: Location: Key Largo, Florida

Sign up for the program with help from Student Advisors

 1. Connect with Lamdeni Student Advisors to find best program fit

 2. Sign up for the right program with help from Student Advisors

3. Apply for the Lamdeni Travel Grant to alleviate travel costs

Chabad Contributes to Your Travel Costs

If the cost of travel is holding you back from furthering your Jewish studies, we may have a grant for you. Chabad on Campus offers a limited amount of Lamdeni Travel Grants, paying up to $1,300 toward your travel expenses to Israel or up to $350 within North America.

Student Advisors